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Winter Wedding Flowers You Need in Your Ceremony

Effectively display the joyous feeling of the season with these flowers that are perfect for any winter wedding.

Gearing up for a wondrous winter wedding but unable to decide which flowers will best suit the ceremony of your dreams? Well, you may be surprised by just how many options you have for beautiful winter wedding flower bouquets! While winter is certainly not the most popular time of the year to hold a wedding, there remains many couples that take advantage of lowered costs during these months. And, if you’re able to get past the chilly weather, then the winter months can be a great time to hold a wedding and celebrate your love! Let’s get a sense of what flowers stand out in winter wedding bouquets so you can have an idea of what you want to fill your wedding arrangements with.

Carnation: The carnation is well-regarded in winter, as it can typically be found in holiday-themed arrangements. But for our sake, they also make for a wonderful addition to winter wedding bouquets! Carnations feature full-sized, ruffle-shaped heads that add striking depth to any bouquet. Carnations come in a variety of colors and are inexpensive, as well, making them a great choice when searching for cheap winter wedding flowers.

Tulip: Another common addition in any wedding bouquet, the tulip is a versatile flower that is available in many shades of whites, reds, yellows and more. This goes for either French or Dutch tulips, both of which can help make your winter wedding flowers stand out. Helping the case of the tulip is that it is known to symbolize the declaration of love, which perfectly captures the spirit of a wedding.

Rose: This should come as no surprise, but the rose makes for a classic centerpiece in any wedding bouquet. Everyone knows that the rose is commonly recognized as the flower of love, which is why it is so popular for occasions such as weddings. If you want an understated and modern style, you may want to fill your wedding flowers with white roses. But if you’re looking to stand out, red roses could be the declaration of love you’re looking for!

Gardenia: When you want a stunning white bouquet that fits the season, the gardenia could be the ultimate choice for your wedding flowers. This fragrant flower can be a perfect fit for all kinds of wedding arrangements, with the possibility of being either a standout centerpiece or providing support for other striking blooms in your bouquet.

Ranunculus: Available in countless gorgeous colors, ranunculus flowers can be great additions to winter wedding bouquets, whether used to complement another centerpiece flower, or even as a stand-in for other blooms such as roses. Ranunculus flowers feature a stunning shape and sweet scent, and if arranged correctly, can help bring your wedding bouquet to life!

When you’re looking for wedding flowers online, choose an FTD florist near you! Whether you need wedding flowers for the winter, spring, summer or fall, you can discover just the right blooms that you’ll want to fill your bouquets with! No matter if you know exactly what kind of flowers you want for your wedding, or you are interested in learning all of the different types of wedding arrangements, you’ve come to the right place! Whenever you’re ready and willing to move forward in the process of choosing your wedding flowers online, just search for a wedding florist near you and set up a time for consultation with them! We’ve made choosing and buying wedding flowers online simple!