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Seven Types of Wedding Flowers

Learn about seven different kinds of wedding bouquets so you can choose the right style for your upcoming wedding!

When you’re getting married, you want to make sure that every last aspect of your wedding is perfect, from picking the right venue to wearing the perfect dress and even deciding on what flowers you want for your ceremony. We know that none of these decisions are simple, which is why we want to share our expertise and knowledge regarding the different types of wedding bouquets and arrangements you can choose from! From hand-tied arrangements to presentation bouquets, there are a handful of different styles you will want to be privy to before settling on the one you want! So, let’s run down the list of types of wedding flowers so you can have a better idea of what you’re looking for when you consult with one of our excellent wedding florists!

Presentation Bouquet: Presentation bouquets are often referred to as “pageant bouquets,” since they actually resemble the arrangements that are awarded to winners of beauty contests. However, they do make for great wedding bouquets, as well! Presentation bouquets easily cradle into the arms of a bride and look magnificent, with their long-stemmed flowers displaying great elegance and beauty.

Composite Bouquet: Composite bouquets are perhaps the most unique of the varieties in this list, being that they are constructed to appear as a singular flower rather than an arrangement of different stems and greenery. Composite bouquets require dozens, if not hundreds, of flower petals and buds that are wired into a singular piece that takes the shape of a much larger version of a regular flower. For brides that want their wedding flowers to stand out, you may want to choose the composite bouquet!

Hand-Tied Bouquet: Hand-tied bouquets are often the go-to for DIY enthusiasts, and have become a popular choice among young brides today. Hand-tied wedding bouquets are also a great choice for brides who want to display a more casual style with their wedding flowers, as the style appears more free and hand-picked than your more traditional bouquets.

Round Bouquet: The round bouquet is perhaps the most traditional of all types of wedding flowers. This style is arranged, of course, in a round fashion, with little greenery and an emphasis placed more on having flower blooms with a consistent shape and color. Many brides opt for round bouquets filled with gorgeous roses or peonies, but you are of course free to choose any flowers you’d like!

Posy Bouquet: Another traditional style of wedding flowers is the posy bouquet, which is more or less a smaller-sized version of the round bouquet. Posy bouquets are also mostly filled with a specific flower and adhere to a consistent color scheme, and thanks to their smaller size, are easily held in just one hand.

Nosegay Bouquet: The nosegay bouquet is another popular choice for wedding flowers, and you can think of it as a greener version of the posy bouquet. This is because the nosegay bouquet is usually around the same size and features highly compacted flowers in a round shape, but it also allows for more greenery to get involved, rather than mostly being filled with a singular color or bloom.

Cascade Bouquet: One of the more unique types of wedding flowers in this list, the cascade bouquet gives a sort of waterfall effect, being an arrangement of flowers that flow vertically. The cascade bouquet is a classic choice for brides, being among the most elegant and high-end types of wedding bouquets you can get.

We hope that this list showcasing the types of wedding flowers helps you in your wedding planning! We also have guides that highlight our favorite flowers for spring, summer, fall and winter weddings, so you can be even more ready when you consult with one of our exceptional wedding florists. Just search for a wedding florist near you, and you can even buy wedding flowers online straight from them!