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Our Favorite Spring Wedding Flowers

Let your love bloom and discover the spring wedding flowers you’ll want for your ceremony.

As the spring season sets in, following the chilly (perhaps even arctic) winter months, it can be a total relief and breath of fresh air for many of us. After months of shoveling driveways, bundling up every time you step outside and sipping some hot chocolate any chance you get, we’re once again graced with warmer weather, healthier habitats and the blooming of beautiful flowers. And, for some of us, the springtime is also a cause for great celebration, as it is also widely regarded as an amazing season to hold a wedding!

Spring weddings often involve bright, lively ceremonies, and that can be partly attributed to the greater variety of beautiful blooms you can fill your wedding arrangements and centerpieces with. Springtime features a gathering of special blooms that are only readily available in the timeframe between March and May, including some of our favorite choices for spring wedding flowers. Below are just a few of our favorite blooms you’ll want to fill your wedding bouquets with!

Iris: The iris is an elegant, uniquely-shaped flower, and an absolutely stunning addition to any spring wedding bouquet. The iris fits the spring wedding color scheme, being available in whites, yellows and purples, all of which can help make you and your décor stand out. It also symbolically fits the wedding ceremony, as it displays trust and promise, two very important factors in any marriage.

Anemone: The inclusion of anemones can make any wedding bouquet stand out thanks to the flower’s striking shape and colorful petals. Speaking of color, anemone is available in a wide variety, with pinks, whites and purples leading the selection for spring wedding flowers.

Tulip: Whether you’re going for the Dutch or French variety, tulips are an amazing addition to a spring wedding arrangement. Tulips are a seasonal favorite, as well, often being synonymous with springtime, and come in a variety of bright colors, including yellows, pinks and reds. For a fitting addition in your wedding flowers, choose red tulips, which signify perfect love.

Lisianthus: Lisianthus can be a great stand-in for roses in an arrangement, being very similar in shape and appearance, but bringing their own special beauty and grace to any wedding bouquet. Lisianthus are known to symbolize appreciation, and come in many hues, including peach, lavender, cream and purple. Lisianthus is an exceptional addition to any spring wedding arrangement.

Peony: A direct symbol for romance, the peony is a great inclusion in your spring wedding bouquet! The peony mainly blooms in springtime, making it widely available in time for your ceremony. Peonies have exceptional shape, which is complimented by its sweet scent and variety of colors. Choose from pink or peach peonies and make your spring wedding flowers unforgettable.

While we’ve only run down five of our favorite flowers for spring weddings, there truly are so many other options to choose from in this season. And while you’re here, you can check out our lists for the best wedding flowers for summer, winter and fall ceremonies, as well. So, whether or not you really have an idea of what you’re looking for in your wedding flowers, take that first step forward by contacting a local wedding florist near you! Just search for a florist in your area and consult with one of our exceptional wedding designers!